How to Select the Perfect Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer

If you’ve reached that point in your life where the wedding date has been finalized and planning is in full swing, we know exactly how you must be feeling. Overwhelmed is an understatement to say the least and with so much to consider in so little time and within a budget that never seems enough, most couples are in need of all the help they can get.

Nailing the perfect wedding portrait requires more than just good styling and lighting effects. It’s the person behind the camera that’s sure to bring magic like no other to your wedding photography.

So what’s the secret to selecting the best of them all? To help you find out, we’re outlining the top tips on how to choose the ultimate wedding photographer for your event. Let’s take a look!

Find a photographer that is in line with your vision and style

Every couple dreams the best for their big day. Fairytale weddings aren’t just an illusion; the right photographer can help you bring your wedding portrait goals to life.

Finding a photographer that is in line with your style and expectations requires a little extra effort but it’s so worth it in the end. Go through your photographer’s portfolio and ask for samples of recent projects they’ve been engaged in to help you make the right decision. Be clear from the start about your style and preferences and what you expect out of them in terms of capturing memories to cherish for a lifetime on film.

It’s all about that personality

The right wedding photographer should make a couple feel comfortable at all times. Always remember to select an individual whose vibes and personality hit the right spot from the start. Schedule an appointment and get to know your photographer. An instant connection is the type of energy you should be in search of.

Experience makes all the difference in the world

This point can’t be emphasized enough. Experience doesn’t only mean clicking away seamlessly. It has to do with performing under pressure and being a great entertainer. Asking for photographers that have shot previously in your venue of choice is a good idea as is asking for relevant expertise in the wedding photography business. Remember it’s the experience that can transform an ordinary portrait into something splendid.

Getting value for money should be a top priority

Vendors don’t come cheap and wedding photography is no exception. Investing in a good wedding photographer means you have every right in the world to demand good value for money. The key here is to remember that high costs don’t guarantee high quality. At the same time, lower costs don’t mean lesser quality by any means. Choosing wisely based on a number of factors should always be top priority for couples when selecting their wedding photographers.

Never take recommendations for granted

Seeing is definitely believing but that doesn’t mean a good word of mouth should be taken for granted. Getting positive reviews from family, friends or strangers that have worked with your photographer of choice should be taken seriously. Ask around for tips as well as advice. Keep a keen eye out for testimonials too. Remember, good photographers always provide clients with testimonials whenever requested so don’t be afraid to ask.